A spectacle

Cancun is located in Quintana Roo, Mexico, and is known for the crystal clear waters accompanied by its fine and clear sand that harmonizes with the stage. These Caribbean waters are popular for their impressive colors, their shades of blue range from emerald to turquoise, a spectacle!

What is in Cancun?

Speaking a little of its history, Cancun was home to the Mayan culture, so you will find the archaeological zones of El Rey or El Templo del Alacrán (Yamil Lu ́um), ceremonial centers surrounded by a history that continues to be transmitted; enjoy all the Cancun tours that are for you, land, archaeological and water tours that you can do on boats, ferries and yachts; you can have more information by visiting the port of Cancun.

What can I visit in Cancun?

One of the natural attractions that you can not miss on your holidays is the natural spectacle of the waters of Xel-Ha, considered a natural aquarium with a landscape that you can not miss. To continue connecting with nature you must visit the Secret River, a place that will make you see the passage of time in front of your eyes, and explore the underground world of Xibalbá.

Hotels in Cancun

You can find all kinds of hotels in Cancun, even all inclusive hotels with SPA. Cancun’s hotel zone will surprise you with everything it has for you.

Cancun for family trip

Xcaret is perfect for the whole family, to enjoy your vacations. This eco-archaeological park is located between the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea, and is considered the most important park in the country. For this reason, Trip Advisor named Cancun as the 2nd most attractive destination for vacations in 2016.


And to close the day, enjoy Cancun´s incredible nightlife!, enjoying the famous Coco Bongo; together with the peaceful contrast of the underwater art museum that you can access by diving, these are a small sample of the range of options it offers you.