About us


We are a newly created company, nonetheless, with 40 years of the greatest experience in the field, we offer safety, comfort and the best experiences on our trips.


The luxury and great infrastructure of Cancun, join the natural beauty and crystal clear waters of Isla Mujeres thanks to the great experience that is traveling by Jetway


Our vision will always be aligned to give the best service to our customers, the best experience.


We are a proudly Mexican company, with the highest-end equipment and crew.


That’s why we say, to Isla Mujeres, travel with Jetway

Our services


We have a team prepared to provide professional assistance to people with disabilities. Our goal is to achieve everyone’s comfort in each part of the journey.


Children over the age of five and under the age of twelve, travel at a discounted fare, which is subject to change without notice..


Yes, we are PET FRIENDLY! Due to reduced space of our vessels, as well as the comfort of our passengers, it is important that small pets travel in a dog carrier or kennel, they can stay on your legs during the trip.